Chemical Health Services

Assessment and Evaluation Services

Call  (612) 249-3656 to schedule any of the following services:

  • Rule 25 assessment – MN state and court certified
  • Chemical health evaluations
  • Chemical health assessment
  • Chemical use assessment
  • Chemical dependency evaluation
  • Chemical dependency assessment
  • Alcohol evaluation
  • Alcohol assessment
  • Substance abuse evaluation – Assessing a patterned use of a drug in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods which are harmful to themselves or others.
  • Substance abuse assessment
  • Drug evaluation - Assessing the use of mind-altering substances
  • Drug assessment
  • DWI evaluation - Assessing driving while intoxicated charges
  • DWI assessment
  • DUI evaluation – Assessing driving under the influence charges.
  • DUI assessment
  • Court ordered evaluation
  • Court ordered assessment
  • Second opinion assessment – Secondary evaluation when a person disagrees with a previous recommendation.

Education Services

Call  (612) 249-3656 to schedule any of the following educational services:

  • DWI level 1 classes
  • DWI level 2 classes
  • One day dwi program
  • Driving with care
  • Level 1 alcohol classes
  • Level 2 alcohol classes
  • Online training

Where are you located?

You can come to our local office in the twin cities. Appointments are also available throughout the surrounding metro:

Downtown Minneapolis
South Minneapolis
Southwest Minneapolis
Northeast Minneapolis
Southeast Minneapolis
Calhoun-Isles Minneapolis neighborhood
Camden Minneapolis neighborhood
Central Minneapolis neighborhood
Dinkytown Minneapolis
Longfellow Minneapolis neighborhood
Near North Minneapolis neighborhood
Nokomis Minneapolis neighborhood
Phillips Minneapolis neighborhood
Powderhorn Minneapolis neighborhood
University Minneapolis neighborhood
Midtown Minneapolis neighborhood
Stadium Village Minneapolis neighborhood
Prospect Park Minneapolis neighborhood
Warehouse District Minneapolis neighborhood
Old St. Anthony Minneapolis neighborhood
Mills District Minneapolis neighborhood
Saint Anthony Main Minneapolis neighborhood
Minnehaha Minneapolis neighborhood
Como Saint Paul neighborhood
Creek Highwood Saint Paul neighborhood
Daytons Bluff Saint Paul neighborhood
Downtown Saint Paul neighborhood
Eastview Battle Saint Paul neighborhood
Greater East Side Saint Paul neighborhood
Hamline Midway Saint Paul neighborhood
Highland Park Saint Paul neighborhood
Lexington Hamline Saint Paul neighborhood
Macalester Groveland Saint Paul neighborhood
Merriam Park Saint Paul neighborhood
North End Saint Paul neighborhood
Payne Phalen Saint Paul neighborhood
Snelling Hamline Saint Paul neighborhood
St Anthony Park Saint Paul neighborhood
Summit Hill Saint Paul neighborhood
Summit University Saint Paul neighborhood
Thomas Dale Saint Paul neighborhood
Union Park Saint Paul neighborhood
West Seventh Saint Paul neighborhood
West Side Saint Paul neighborhood
Uptown Minneapolis

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